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Cole Hamels

Cole Hamels talks at the writers dinner about the upcoming season and the Phillies being able to prove themselves.

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Cole & Heidi with Preston & Steve in the morning for Breakfast with the Hamels’

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Life After Top Chef: Cooking With Cole Hamels 

For those that missed last night’s episode of “Life After Top Chef” on Bravo, here’s a video link to the clip of Jen helping Cole & Heidi out for The Hamels Foundation. 

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“When they’re not pitching, hitting, or winning a pennant, it turns out that some of the Phillies players love to practice their chess game! ASAP/After School Activities Partnerships, the leading provider of after school chess clubs in the Philadelphia area, and the Phillies have teamed up for a grand slam of a public service announcement.”

Cole on win against Arizona (4/25)

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Cole and Heidi (AND Caleb) make a Krispy Kreme commercial for the Hamels Foundation. Please check out the info on youtube and at the Hamels Foundation site to find out how you can help. Order a Hamels dozen today!

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Cole talks about seeking out new deal with the Phillies (but not letting that distract him!)

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The Hamels Foundation presents Diamond in the Rough 2011 charity event


Cole & Heidi Hamels stop by Preston & Steve (Sept 2011) for an interview.

Cole Hamels & Chase Utley discuss their NLDS win over the Reds (10/10/10)

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